Hari Karnival (Carnival Day) 2010

As per yearly tradition, ASiS will be hosting the annual ASiS Carnival Day this weekend. This year will prove to be a promising success with more activities and participation from all students. The previous week had been a frenzy as the students prepare for the guests.

The event is open to all, especially for parents, ex-students and other school students. Among the attractions offered are:

-Paintball Wars
-Battle of The Bands
-Volleyball Open
-Friendly Matches (Football and Rugby)
-History Crash Course
-Haunted House
-PRS Convention
-PS3 Gamer Clash
-Movie Screening
-Over 30 booths selling various food and knick knacks.

The profit from the Carnival Day will be used to help upgrade school facilities and accomodations. All of your support is much welcome.

Let’s make the ASiS Carnival Day a success!

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